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Using Relaxer Without Burning Your Scalp


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Hair which is relaxed chemically can help to achieve a shiny and straight looking hair. But there is a problem that can occur during this process such as burning of your scalp due to harsh chemicals. There are few important things that must be taken care before using the relaxing method to avoid damage to the scalp.
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First comb the hair with a soft-toothed brush at least a week before using the chemical hair relaxing method which will help to prevent scratch to the scalp. Trim the nails using nail clippers to prevent scratching on your scalp while shampooing the hair. Use a base cream on the scalp and your hair line. Apply the base cream only on these areas which can help to protect your scalp as well as hair line from burning. The chemicals used in the relaxer are usually very strong that are tend to burn without any scratches on the hair. Spread a hair relaxing cream all over the hair and distribute it evenly using a soft-toothed comb. Avoid using the cream in your eyes as it can be irritating on it. Make sure to leave the relaxing cream on your hair only for the specified time and leaving it for a long time can cause burning sensation on the scalp. Most of the time, the cream is left on the hair only for about 30 minutes. At last rinse the hair with water as usual to end the process.
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