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Adding Volume To Your Bangs


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Adding volume to stiff bangs can make it one of the most highlighting parts of a hairstyle. The bangs usually will frame your face giving a flattering look along with overall softness. The bangs can created with more volume by following few simple techniques without going to a hairstylist. There are three important methods that can used to add volume in the bangs.
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The first method is keeping a round brush below the bangs when it is still slightly damp near to the forehead. Keep the blow dryer pointing at the roots to blow dry your hair with a low setting from root to tip. Comb your hair gently while drying and avoid rolling the hair in the brush. You can just create a volume on your bangs by boosting the roots and mist it with a hairspray. The second method is using a volumizing mousse all over the hair and leave it dry on its own. Then use the curling iron for curling your bangs under and to a side. Pull your iron slightly to a side to make a part and take your hair from the iron barrel. Brush your curled bangs to a side and arrange it using the fingers. Use a teasing comb to add volume over the roots on both the side of your part. The final method is blow drying the hair with a blow dryer and flat paddle brush. Lift the hair with paddle brush while drying it with blow dryer.
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