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High French Bun


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A high French bun is one of the best hairstyle for a special occasion such as a wedding. In this hairstyle there will be French bun placed on top of your head. It is also very easy to achieve which can be done without going to any hair specialist. This hairstyle can be achieved in less than five minutes, but make sure to practice it using a rope before using it on your hair. Just follow this simple and easy method to make this hairstyle good on your hair.
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To create this style, start the styling process by dividing the hair from one ear to another and then keep the front part away from the face. Next try to flip your head like upside down and pull a part of hair near base of your neck. Start braiding the hair straight down like a regular French braid by taking parts of hair to add it along the way. After reaching the end of the hair create a standard braid and hold it in place with a hair elastic. Now tip your head back up and smooth front section of the ear to include it with your braid into high ponytail. Create a simple bun with a wrap up by using your hair and add few bobby pins to secure your bun in place. At last add an accessory in your hair and then mist all over with a little amount of hairspray.
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