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Peekaboo Hair Highlights


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Hairstyle with peekaboo highlights can help to flash color in the locks. It is a very unique method where the color of your hair will vary from natural to an unusual color. The color on your hair will peek out when the head is moved and you must be able to bleach your dark hair to platinum blond color before using a peekaboo highlights with green or blue color.
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First take the top two inches of hair away from head and wear protective hand gloves before mixing the color as per the directions on the packet. Take about 1/4 inch-thick section using the pointed end of a comb to keep a small piece of foil below the roots. The foil must be snugly kept against the scalp and keep the section down over the foil. Now use the color brush to color the hair strands starting near the roots. Swipe the hair color all over the hair which is on top of a foil. Try to fold your foil into half by taking the end toward your scalp. Next fold sides toward the middle of the hair about half an inch and make sure there are no hair coming out of the section. Use the same method on the remaining section of hair and make sure to use the same amount of color all over your head. Leave the color to stay on your hair for the specified time on the packet and rinse the hair as usual.
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