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Ponytail With Lace Braid


lace braided ponytail lace braided ponytail2
A lace braided ponytail is a very unique way of styling the hair which is long. This hairstyle will be liked by teenagers as it can give a very unique look. Most of the people like to style their hair in this way if it is straight. But those who have a wavy or curly hair can also create this style.
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To get this hairstyle, first take the entire hair on top of the head to make a ponytail and secure it with a bobby pin. Take a small part of the hair at the right side of your ponytail to create a three strand braid and pull a small strand from left side of your ponytail to add it with left strand of your braid. Now take a tiny strand from left side of your ponytail to cross over it and include with left strand of the braid. Try to extend slightly laddering of your braid to keep it straight down side of your ponytail. Continue this process keeping the braid straight and end it with a simple braid. At last secure the hair with an elastic and mist it with a little amount of hairspray. In case you want to create an updo with this hairstyle twist the ponytail by wrapping it on top the elastic and tuck the hair ends under the twist. You can also add any type of hair accessories over the hairstyle to make it look more attractive.
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