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Using Relaxer To Regrow Your Hair


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Using a relaxer to make your hair to regrow is very simple and easy process that can be done within weeks. It is important to follow the correct maintenance and commitment to make the hair to regrow with the help of a relaxer. The damaged hair can be regrown by following few simple and natural methods without getting help from a hair specialist. Before using the relaxer on your hair to straighten it, try to regrow the hair.
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First use Shea butter on your hair everyday and then part your hair into four different sections. Make sure to spread the Shea butter from root to tip of the hair. Give the deep conditioning treatment to your hair once in a week and use a hot oil once in two weeks. You can also wrap your hair in warm towel and leave it for about 10-15 minutes. Protect your hair from breakage by wrapping it in a satin cloth at night which can help to save your hair shaft by reducing dryness. Wash your hair only when it is necessary and use a wide tooth comb to brush through your hair to get rid of tangles. Get help from a hairstylist while creating complicated hairstyles such as an updo. Try to consume hair regrowth supplements such as green leafy vegetables that are considered to be perfect for hair regrowth. The most important thing is using natural hair products than going for petroleum products.
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