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Hydrate Your Hair Naturally


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There are many things that can make your hair feel dry as well as brittle. Even though this problem can be solved by using few styling products it can taken care naturally. Moisturizing your hair to repair the damaged strands can make it fully hydrated without using any chemicals. Use can use avocados to make the hair hydrated by following these simple steps. If you have long and thick hair try to use about 3 avocados along with 2/3 cup mayonnaise.
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First take avocados and remove its flesh to mix it along with mayonnaise as well as olive oil. Try to mix it for about 20-30 seconds till it becomes completely smooth. Then use it over the hair start from the roots and moving at the ends. Now loosely collect the hair in your hands for twisting it gently upward at the crown of the head. Apply the mixture on the hair twist and secure it with a clip. Use a plastic wrap tightly on your head to cover the hair completely and use a piece a tape to wrap it around. You can also use a shower cap instead of using a plastic wrap. Leave it for about 30 minutes and wash the hair with a moisturizing shampoo before using the hair conditioner. Try to keep your hair moisturized by using this process at least once a month. Avoid using the plastic wrap on your face as it can be harmful to them.
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