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Rockabilly Hair Bangs


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Rockabilly bangs is usually created with thick hair which will be slightly rounded to give a sculpted look. This style was worn by most of the women during the mid-century. In this hairstyle, the bangs will be cut straightforward it is also very easy to achieve. Just use the following method to achieve this hairstyle at home.
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First brush the hair to divide it in the front till the hairline at the back of your head about 2 inches. Make sure there is lot of hair brushed forward towards your face. Next brush your hair straight forward and try to pull it taut. Now slightly dampen your hair and cut it till the nose level. Keep the hair firmly and leave more slack which can keep the bangs in place without being held. Try to re-grip your hair few times to position it correctly in a straight line. Keep your scissor level above the eyebrows to cut it across in straight line. Cut your bangs gently in a one attempt and make multiple cuts to get the choppy results. Now shake your bangs and use the fingers to brush through them to make sure that the length of the hair is perfect. You can also trim stray hair and then style your bangs using a little amount of hair gel to keep it straight. Try to use curling iron to add a little curve in the bangs to make it look sculpted.
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