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Cone Hairstyle


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A cone hairstyle is a casual way of styling the hair which can be worn for any form occasion. This hairstyle is also worn by many celebrities as it can give a trendy look. It can be achieved without getting from any professional hairstylist which can save your time as well as money. In case you are doing this hairstyle for the first time, get tips from a hairstylist as it can consume some time. Even though it looks very simple achieve this hairstyle, it needs some effort to be put for the first time. You can use the following method to get this hairstyle.
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Before starting the hairstyling process, first wash the hair and condition it. Use a towel to dry the hair and then spread a little amount of hair gel all over your slightly damp hair. Hold the hair in one of your hand and manipulate the hair layer on layer using your other hand from front to the back of your head till you get shape of the cone. Next apply a smoothing lotion in between the layers in case your hair becomes uncontrollable. Try to accent your style by leaving few wisps of hair on one side of the head to fall like a waterfall. At last mist all over your hair with a generous amount of hairspray. You can use bobby pins can to secure the hair in place and use the hair to cover the bobby pins.
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