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Hairstyle With Sharp Bob


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A sharp bob is one of the most worn hairstyle among many women which also includes celebrities. It is almost similar to a A-line bob which has been worn by singers also. There is no need to go to a saloon to achieve this style as it can done at home without getting help from any hair specialist. But you must take help from a friend to cut your hair in a proper way. This hairstyle is mostly worn along with bangs.
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First make sure that all of your hair is in one length on top of the shoulders. Decide about the look of your hair before cutting it. This style can ease in an angle to soften your face with subtle lines. It can also look dramatic with the sharp angles as well as straight lines. Then take a part of the hair from middle and try to brush it. Then comb your bangs in front of your face. Try to cut the hair at the back of your hair straight across your nape when it is still wet and brush the hair completely. Mist the hair with a small amount of hairspray and cut the hair in straight direction. Leave your bob line hang till the collarbone and try to cut one side before going to the other side of the head. Now cut your bangs between two sides such as from one end to other end of the forehead.
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