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Steps To Get Rid Of Hair Toner


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Bleaching your hair helps to get rid of the color pigment on the hair to make it look light. The hair wil usually go through various color stages during the process and a toner is required at this point to change the tone of your hair. Most of the time a toner can give a great look, but sometimes you want to remove it which can be done by the following technique.
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Before starting the styling process, wear hand gloves and then mix a developer along with a lightening powder. Next add two ounces of shampoo in the mixture and blend it thoroughly with the color brush. Start using a liberal amount of mixture over the stained parts of the hair with your color brush and work it on the hair with the help of your hands as well as fingers. Leave the hair for about ten minutes and check it rubbing a damp towel on the hair. In case the result is not satisfied, then apply the mixture again on the hair and leave it for additional five minutes. Now you must rinse the hair using a lukewarm water till you see the water coming out clean from the hair. Use a shampoo to wash the hair and spread a small amount of hair conditioner. Leave the hair for another five minutes before rinsing it again completely. Use a towel to dry the hair and style it as per your desire.
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