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Straightening A Blonde Hair


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Styling the blonde hair can give a hard time for most of the people as it is a completely different process than styling other hair. In case you are planning to straighten a blonde hair, it can consume a lot of time. It is important to use hairspray or hair gel on the hair as it can damage it further and before using a flat iron make sure to leave the hair to dry on its own to avoid damage. Try to use the flat iron just one or maximum two times as the heat produced by the product can cause damage to the hair.
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First wash and dry the hair using a blow dryer or leave it to dry naturally.  It is important to avoid straightening your hair when it is wet as it can spoil the look of the hair. The comb the hair fully to remove the knots as it can cause breakage during the straightening process. The spread a hair serum all over your hair and read the instructions carefully before using it on the hair. Take a flat iron with lower heat setting and run it over the hair by pressing it tightly against your hair. Try to moisturize your hair with a hair conditioner which is very important step to be used after the flat iron to ensure your hair is much easier to comb. Always make sure to keep the hair hydrated which is colored.
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