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Style Hair Like Kawaii


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Kawaii is a hairstyle that has been a very popular way of styling the hair in Japan from 1980s. Kawaii means cute in the Japanese language. This style is mostly worn by young girls who have medium to lengthy hair. In this hairstyle, your hair will be curled near the end and left straight on top. You can have more volume on your hair to make it lay flat on top of the head. This style can be seen in anime where most of the girl characters will be spotting it.
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First look at your hair if you want to change the color of the hair. You must use only light color to highlight your hair. You must have bangs in from of your forehead which can short or long depending upon the length of your hairstyle. Leave your hair to hang down towards your shoulders or create a ponytail by leaving a part of hair to frame your face. You can also wear headbands to make this hairstyle look good, but avoid using any hair clips as it can spoil the look of the hairstyle. You can create this hairstyle in different ways and avoid creating curls with your hair which is not recommended in this style. At last mist all over the hair with little amount of hairspray after washing it with a shampoo and conditioning it as usual. You can also apply a hair gel all over your hair to keep the flyaways in place.
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