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Hairstyle With Sponge Rollers


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Sponge rollers are usually used to curl the hair when it is completely dry. These rollers can be used on your hair before going to bed in the night and it can be removed in the morning to achieve head full of curls easily. By following this method you can easily curl the hair without spending too much time as well money by going to a hairstylist.
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First as usual wash the hair and spread a hair gel once the hair becomes fully dry. Comb the hair to get rid of any tangles using long handle of the comb and divide it into four equal sections. Take one of your back sections from the hair and pull about one inch section of your hair at the top to apply the hair gel. Now you can wrap the roller paper at the end of your hair section and try to roll it over the sponge roller to secure it on top using fold over clasp. Gently move down your hair section till all of the hair gets completely rolled and follow the same technique to roll other sections of the hair. Leave the hair in the roller overnight or remove it once the hair becomes completely dry. Try to unroll the hair from the bottom of the section and brush the hair to style it as per your desire. Make sure to use roller paper at the end of your hair to keep it away from tangling.
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