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Half Crown Hair Braid


half crown braid half crown braid2
Half crown braid can be a perfect hairstyle for a special event like a wedding. It is a French braid hairstyle that will start from one ear and end 1 1/2 inches below crown of your head. This hairstyle can be created with medium to long hair and it can be worn along with a proper outfit to get a beautiful look. Here is a simple process that can be used to achieve this hairstyle on your own without any help.
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To create this style, first wash the hair and dry it with a towel. Then comb your hair to make it smooth and do a simple side part. Next collect a small part of your hair on your side part along with less hair and divide the section into three different pieces and try to create a French braid with this part. Work towards a slight downward angle at the back of the head. Keep on adding the hair to your French braid around and till your other ear. Collect all of your hair to create a French braid or you can leave them under your braid to tumble at the back. Smoothen top of the hair to control the bumps and braid the hair at the other ear. Secure ends of your braid using small elastic. At last try to wrap your loose braid around top of the head and secure it using pins just below the braid where it was started.
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