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Methods To Get Straight Afro Hair


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An Afro hair is usually found in African-American women. There are many people who want to keep the afro hair in the same way and some of them try to straighten it to get a unique look. Straightening an afro hair can easily give a completely new look without going to a hair specialist. Use the following technique to straighten the Afro hair without spending too much time.
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First spread a little amount of shampoo to wash the hair and rinse it completely. Add a small amount of deep hair conditioner and leave it for about ten minutes. You can also add a leave-in conditioner on the hair and brush it gently using a wide-tooth comb from bottom of your hair towards upward. Use a blow-dryer with medium heat on your hair by dividing it into five sections. Begin the drying process section by section and put the hair around the round brush. Try to pull it gently keep the blow-dryer about 6 inches away from the hair. Use the flat iron with medium heat by clamp it down in a 2 inch section of hair. Use it on each section of the hair at least two times and then take the clips out of the top layer. At last apply a little amount of pomade in your fingers and then spread it all over the strands of your hair. This can help to keep the Afro hair straight during the day.
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