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Braiding Toyokalon With Natural Hair


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There are few hair weaves that can be sewed or even glued in like tracks. In the same way the toyokalon hair is sold in bundles which can be used to braid the real hair. This hair has its own unique qualities and it mainly used for braiding the hair. Here are few steps that can helpful in adding the toyokalon hair with your real hair.
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First take the toyokalon hair and brush it through to get rid of tangles. Try to separate a small part of the hair at the nape of the neck and secure it with a rubber or an elastic band. Now pull a small part of toyokalon hair and fold to make two strands. Then wrap folded hair with the section of real hair which is secured to create a third strand. Try to braid the toyokalon hair along with the real hair and when the real hair ends make a third strand using the remaining fake hair. Cut toyokalon hair after reaching the desired length and secure it with a elastic band at the end. Make sure that your braid is long enough to see where real hair ends the fake hair starts. Use the same technique on the other parts of your hair and move from nape of the neck till front hairline. Finally take the elastic hair bands from each braid and secure the end into a hot boiling water to keep the braid in place with unraveling.
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