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Georgian Hairstyle


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Georgian period is known for women who used to wear big hairstyles. The hair will be teased and piled kept of the heads that will be powdered with white powder. It is easy to style the hair in this manner, but you must have lot of patience. There are also hairstylists who can help to achieve this look, but you have to spend more time do this.
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To create this hairstyle on your own, keep finger on the center of eyebrow to slide it up to the hairline. Create a simple part till the crown and divide the front section for styling further. Make a dividing line near the crown till the ear. Pull your hair at the front of your hairline and do the same on the other side of the head. Take a three inch wide hair behind the crown of the head to braid it and secure it with elastic band. Try to coil your braid near the crown for to make a small bun and secure it using bobby pins. Now keep your synthetic hair on top of your bun and secure it with pins. Take the front sections that were secured earlier and collect a small part of the hair below the wrap. Keep it upward and try to backcomb it to add more volume. Keep the teased part of hair on top of your hair rat and cover it with the hair. Mist the hair with a hairspray to end the styling.
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