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Hairstyle With Platinum Bangs


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Most of the women like to style their hair with bangs, but the bangs can be made more interesting by coloring them in different shades. The most used hair color to get a unique look is platinum as it can give a shiny look to the bangs.
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To achieve this look, get a bleaching kit from a store and make sure to read instructions before using it on your hair. Leave the bangs as it is and take rest of the hair to create a ponytail. Use a plastic cap to keep it on the part-line of your bang till back of the head to cover your ponytail. The bangs must be left outside the plastic cap as it will be used for the coloring process. Now try to mix the contents of bleaching kit as per the instructions in a bowl. Before using it on the entire bangs, try it on a single strand of hair for any reactions. You can use the directions mentioned on the bleaching kit to do the strand test. If you find no signs of hair breakage, then start using the bleach on your hair. Leave the bleach on the hair for the time mentioned on the bleaching kit. Now you can wash the hair to remove the bleach thoroughly and blot it using a towel. Next use a hair conditioner with moisturizer and rinse the hair again. Blow dry the hair and brush the bangs.
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