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Taking Care Of Fried Hair


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Fried hair can give a very dull and unhealthy look to your hair. There are beauty salons that can treat your hair, but they are known to be very costly. Taking care of a fried hair is very easy which can help to restore your hair natural hair. In case you fail to control your hair after following these methods, get help from a doctor for better results.
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First go through your hair which is dry and has split ends. Avoid using chemical coloring and straightening hair which are one of the main reasons behind a fried hair. Using blow dryers for drying the hair can also make them look fried and washing the hair very often can also cause this problem. You can trim the hair regularly to keep it short and use shampoo at least once a week on your hair while washing it. Use a very mild shampoo to wash the hair which includes natural ingredients. Rinse your hair using warm water and condition it with a mild conditioner. Then pat the hair using an absorbent towel and leave the air dry. Use a sun protection product on your hair and wear a hat while going out in the sun. Consume 2 liters of water daily and reduce the intake of caffeinated beverages. You can also take vitamin supplement which have A, E, D and B. Use deep conditioner which has vitamin E and antioxidants a least twice in a month.
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