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Haircut With A Headblade


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A headblade can be utilized to create different short hairstyles and it is the best tool to cut the hair for those people who don’t like to use a normal electric razor. It is very easy to use this tool with its compact as well as sleek design. This one is mostly used by men when compared to women to shave their head.  It is can be very difficult to use the headblade when you are handling for the first time, but here is a simple method to shave head with headblade.
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Adjust the headblade holder by folding it wider or narrower. To get better control, try to use the middle finger to keep the headblade. Select the type of haircut you would like to go for. To cut the hair along the grain, the starting point will be from top of your crown and down to the hairline. Try to go along the grain in case you are using the headblade for the first time. While moving against your grain, start the cutting from the hairline and end it at the top of your crown or opposite of the hairline. Keep the headblade perpendicular to starting point of the hairline and use long strokes by gliding it carefully over the head till it reaches your hairline opposite the point where you started the cutting. Try to rinse the headblade during every stroke to get a perfect shave and you can also use a shaving cream while shaving the hair.
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