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Lace Braided Bun


lace braided bun lace braided bun2
Lace braided bun is a very unique way of styling the hair and it is a very popular hairstyle among many women. It is very simple and easy to achieve this hairstyle without consulting a hairstylist. Try to keep few styling products ready before starting the styling process such as a rat-tail comb, bun maker, large hair band, small hair elastic, spray bottle and bobby pins.
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Start the styling by pulling your hair up to create a high ponytail and secure it with a hair band. Then make a small section of a hair from the ponytail and slip it through bun maker. Make the bun maker to sit on top of the sectioned hair. Try to snug it just against your head and make sure it stays out of the bun maker. Leave the hair from the ponytail to fall evenly over the bun maker covering it completely. Brush the tangles around the bun and gently part your back hair. Create a three strand Dutch braid and move your way around base of the bun by adding the hair into the top strand. Try to keep the braid tight at the base of the bun maker. After braiding the hair all the way around the bun secure it with a small hair elastic. Take a tail portion of the braid and try to tuck it around main braid. At last secure the main braid against your head using bobby pins.
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