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Pinned Hairstyle


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A pinned hairstyle is known to be a very simple and beautiful way of styling your hair for a special event like a wedding or a prom. Most of the people prefer this style as it can give an amazing look. There are also many celebrities who have been seen wearing this hairstyle for various occasions. With regular practice, this hairstyle can be easily created within few minutes.
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To get this beautiful hairstyle, start the styling by washing the hair and conditioning it as usual. Then set your hair in a large hot curler to create curl and add body to the hair. Next hold your hair over the base of the neck and try to pull it to make a tight ponytail. You can also leave the hair loose to give a fuller look to your hair if needed. Now take about 1/4 inch thickness of hair near the base your ponytail and try to wrap it around the hair band. Use a bobby pin to keep your hair in place and change your sophisticated ponytail into a pinned updo by using a small amount of shining hair gel. Now secure the ends of each section of your hair at the base of the ponytail using bobby pins and continue it until all of the hair is divided into one inch section. At last end the styling process by misting all over your hair with a hairspray to control the flyaways.
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