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Pull Through Hair Braid


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A pull through hair braid is one of the most worn hairstyle among many people which also includes celebrities. This hairstyle can give a unique look which can be worn for any special occasion including a wedding. There is no need to get any special styling tools to achieve this look. Here is a simple method that can be used to create this hairstyle within few minutes without getting help from anyone.
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To get this hairstyle, first pull your hair on top of the head to create a high ponytail and hold it in place with hair band. Then divide your ponytail as two sections such as on top and a bottom of the head. Now take the top section to slide it down two inches and secure it with hair elastic. Then create a hole at the middle of 2 inch segment to make it reach through hole by pulling through underneath hair section. Cinch back elastic on top to make a heart-shaped segment. Next take another two inches of hair from the new top strand and create another hole at the middle of new segment to pull it through underneath hair strand. Try to cinch your back elastic upwards and continue this process till the end of your hair. Secure the hair at bottom of your braid using elastic. At last try to tug your elbows on each section to make it flat to achieve a fuller and beautiful look.
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