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Bohemian Hair Twists


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Bohemian hair twists are the most adorable hairstyle that can give a beautiful and simple look for anyone who wears it. It is a very easy hairstyle that can be worn in different ways for special events such as a wedding. You can wear this hairstyle as a twisted updo or with accent twists.
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To create the Bohemian hair twists, first wash the hair with a dry shampoo. Make sure to use the dry shampoo over roots of the hair with the help of your fingers by rubbing it. This will help to add more texture to the hair for better styling process. Then make a center part from the hairline till the crown of your head. Collect a small section of the hair near the hairline over one side of the head and twist it into a rope. Pull the section at the crown of the head and hold it in place using bobby pins. Use this procedure to style the hair on other side of the head. Try to put an additional dimension to your hairstyle and twist both the sections by just pulling it back tying it into a loose knot over the back of your crown. Secure the hair knot using few bobby pins. You can wear the accent twists with a curly or a straight hair and once you create the twists, try to pull remaining sections of the hair to make a braid, chignon or ponytail.
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