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Methods To Straighten A Textured Hair


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A textured hair can give a unique look for most of them, but in case they are planning to change their look further they can just straighten the hair using different styling options. You can do this by using a flat iron or even a chemical relaxer to get longer lasting effect.
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First wash the hair with a moisturizing shampoo before conditioning it. The textured hair will be usually dryer that needs lot of moisture. Moisturizing your hair can help to straighten the hair easily. Dry your hair with a towel and blot it dry from ends to your roots. Spread a smoothing cream all over the hair from the ends and move up to get a sleek look. Use a wide tooth hair brush to comb the hair by taking a section to get rid of tangles do this all over the head. Take a hair dryer with warm setting to blow out your hair where it looks rough. Now spread a little amount of heat protecting serum all over the hair and take a section of hair to use a curling iron to make the hair fully straightened. Try to slide the flat iron on the section of your hair gently by taking your own time. Use the flat iron again if you have achieved the straightness that you are looking for. Using the iron multiple times can cause damage, so make sure to keep it as less as possible.
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