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Taking Care Of Split Ends


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Split ends in the hair are a problem that can be solved only by a hair specialist. But getting regular haircuts can prevent split ends very easily without going to a saloon. You can also cut the hair that is no required if you do it on your own at home. Here are few simple steps that can useful in taking care of split ends.
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To get this hairstyle, spritz all over the hair with water using a spray bottle and brush it fully. Make sure that your hair doesn’t get fully damped which will make it difficult to style it. Next take out all of the hair to create a ponytail and hold it at the base using a ponytail holder. Take your hair on one shoulder and twist it like a spiral. The ponytail must be twisted in such a way that your hair ends come flat in the fingertips firmly. Now look for the split ends in your hair. The spilt ends can be identified with few simple steps like in a darker hair it will be in a light color and in a light hair, it will look in gray as well as thin. In most cases, the split ends will be seen within last inch from ends of the hair. Try to brush through your hair to get rid of any clippings and secure it individually. Now you find the majority of split ends after your hair lies flat.
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