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Coconut Oil To Wash Your Hair


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Coconut oil is usually used on the hair to control the frizz. The oil can help to restore natural shine in the hair that can help to prevent dandruff. It does not have any harsh chemicals that can keep your hair healthy as well as lustrous. Here are few simple steps that can used to wash the hair using a coconut oil. The coconut oil is known to be one of the best products to make the hair look fresh and healthy.
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To start the process, first wash your hair with a warm water and use a towel to dry the hair. Add a little amount of oil in your palm to work it through the hair by just massaging it into scalp as well as tips of your hair. Use more amount of coconut oil all over the hair without making it greasier. Then brush the hair with a comb to distribute the oil all over the hair. Keep a towel which is damp into the hair dryer for about 5-10 minutes and then use the towel to wrap around the hair for about 30 minutes. Take the towel to wash the hair using a shampoo which will help to remove any oil build-up on the hair. During the styling process, make sure you do not rub coconut oil over the roots of your hair. It can also help to grow the hair longer very easily by controlling the hair fall.
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