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Curly Short Bob


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A curly short bob can be created with a short hair even it is straight. Those who have a naturally curly hair can be helpful in creating this hairstyle. Most of the people who have a straight hair will find more volume in their hair which will increase the volume in the curly bob. In this hairstyle, the bob will be kept longer than your chin length and it will be parted at the middle of your head. You must cut the hair at least once in six weeks to keep the hairstyle in its original shape.
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To create this hairstyle with straight hair, first divide a section of hair on top from one end to other end of the eyebrow. Try to trim your remaining hair with layers and make the bangs down to your eyes. Then texturize your hair using thinning scissors and make sure that your bob is longer than the chin. Use the curling iron to create tighter curls and apply a frizz-easing hair product to make it look sleeker look. Leave the hair to dry on its own without using any hair drying tools. To get this style with curly hair, first wash the hair and brush it straight. Then trim your hair at neckline and around your head. The bob which is short will bounce higher and also look shorter. Use a hair gel on your hair from root to tips and leave the hair to dry naturally.
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