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Hair Weave With Highlights


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There are many women who like to change the look of their hairstyle by adding hair weaves. The hair weaves can be made to look more unique by highlighting them with different colors. The weaves can be attached to the hair with chunky highlights by following this simple process. The highlighting process is usually done in a saloon, but you can do it at home by using the styling kit.
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First take a hair color to mix it along developer as per the instructions mentioned on the styling kit. Make sure that both the ingredients have mixed together in a bowl. Wear a hair highlighting cap over the hair and pull the hair through the hole in the cap that will be used to pull the hair out for highlighting process. Pull out large chucks of hair through the holes to get natural highlighted look. You can take out the amount of hair as per your desire through the highlighting cap with the help of the hair hook. Start coloring the hair which was pulled through the highlighting cap using a paintbrush and the mixture from the bowl. Leave the hair color as per the time specified on the styling kit. Try to rinse your hair to remove the excess color until the water comes out clean. Then take out the highlighting cap and use a color conditioner. Leave the color conditioner for about 3 minutes and wash the hair again to style it as per your desire.
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