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Twisted Spiral Updo


twisted spiral updo twisted spiral updo2
A twisted spiral updo is a hairstyle that can give a beautiful look for anyone with medium to long hair. This is a perfect hairstyle for any special event and it can be created without going to a hairstylist. Most of the celebrities like to style their hair in this manner to achieve a glamorous look. This hairstyle will also consume very less time than it actually looks and most importantly you don’t need to get support from anyone.
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To get this style, start the styling process on a day old hair as a newly washed hair will not sit in one place. Then comb your hair fully to remove the tangles and take a small part of hair on top of the crown. Try to separate your hair into two different parts. Start crossing the first strand over the second strand and include few hairs into the second strand to cross it over the first one. Keep on adding the hair by crossing it around the head and continue this process till you reach the end of the hair and then try to twist the hair end of the crown. Secure the hair at the center of your crown to keep the hairstyle in place. At last mist all over the hair with a hairspray to control any flyaways. You can add any type of hair accessories such as a plastic flower or a bow to make this hairstyle look more glamorous.
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