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High Ponytail With Braid


high pony braid high pony braid2
Most of the people like to experiment with their hairstyle to get a unique look. A high pony with braid can be one of the options for them. In this hairstyle, there will be a high pony on top of the head which will be braided till the end of the hair. It can give a simple and beautiful look for anyone who wears it with medium to long hair.
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Brush the hair fully and collect it at the back of the head to make a standard ponytail on top of the head. Secure the ponytail using an elastic band. Start braiding the hair as usual by dividing your ponytail as three different sections. Begin the braiding process at the base and overlap outside sections over middle section of the hair by alternating it between left as well as right. Continue this technique till you reach the end of the ponytail and squeeze it in between the thumb & forefinger. Then secure your braid using another elastic band.  You can also use a herringbone braid into the ponytail by dividing it into two sections. To do this take a section in each hand and pull a small piece of hair to add it to other side. Then pull small strand of hair from left side towards right and take small strand from right side over the left. Do this all the way to the end of your ponytail and secure it with elastic band.
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