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Keep Temporary Hair Color Longer


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Most of the people like to color their hair temporarily to achieve a completely new look. But coloring the hair with temporary colors is not long lasting as the hair will start to fade slowly. Even if you color the hair by going to a saloon the hair color will start to become lighten as the day process. But there are few techniques that can be used to keep the temporary hair color longer.
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Always wash the hair after one or two days once you undergo the hair color treatment. This will help to penetrate the hair color into the hair shaft. Use a flat iron on the hair which will help to smooth the hair cuticle and lock in temporary color. Use a little amount of hair oil which will extend life of the hair color and also add shine to the strands. Wash the hair with a color-depositing shampoo each time you wash it one or two times a week and most important is washing the hair with cool water. Protect the temporary hair color while going out for swimming by applying color-protecting conditioner all over the hair. You can use a swimming cap or conditioner that has silicone. Avoid getting chemical treatments on the temporary colored hair as they can easily change composition of the hair. The chemical treatments are capable of removing color from the hair quickly and it can also make the hair brittle. Avoid using the hair products that have mineral oil.
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