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Scruffy Hairstyle


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Having a scruffy hair used to give a hard time for most of the people in the earlier days, but at present it is considered to be a fashion. There are many celebrities who style their hair in this manner as it can be achieved with less effort. This hairstyle can be achieved within few minutes and you don’t need to get suggestions from anyone before starting the styling process. There is no need to use any special styling tools to get this look.
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The most important thing to create the scruffy hairstyle is to keep the hair unwashed before starting the styling process. Washing the hair can remove the natural oil from your hair. Use the finger to brush your hair starting from roots to tips. Try to wiggle the fingers while going through the hair which will separate the hair strands. Avoid combing the hair with a brush as it can spoil the look of your hairstyle. Next tousle the hair using your fingers to make it look messy and flip the sections of your hair in the opposite directions from your face. At last spritz all over the hair with a small amount of hairspray to keep the tousled look as it is. Those who have short hair must use hair gel to make the hair stand up for this look and if you have a medium to long hair then create a loose bun with strands to get unkempt look.
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