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Highlighting Hair With Honey


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Highlighting the hair can give a very interesting look for anyone who has medium to long hair. There are different products that a hair can be highlighted and one of them in honey as it can lighten the hair without using any chemicals. It can also keep the moisture on your hair naturally without stripping the hair of moisture when compared to the chemical highlighters.
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First take about 1 1/2 cup of distilled water in a bowl and mix it along with 1/2 cup uncooked raw honey or more for better results. Then add a small amount of virgin olive oil or cardamom oil in the bowl and stir it well till all of them get mixed well. It is better to do a strand test before applying the mixture all over the hair to avoid any allergies. Now add the mixture into a hairspray bottle to mist it all over the hair or you can use it with a brush on the hair. Try to use it from roots and move your way till the end of the hair. Leave the hair for about 30 minutes to make it set or you can also leave it longer for better results and rinse your hair thoroughly using warm water. Now you can use a hair conditioner all over the hair only if required as the honey can add moisture to the hair. Avoid washing the hair using shampoo for about 24 hours.
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