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Medium Fade Haircut


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A medium fade is a very low maintenance hairstyle that can be a perfect choice for those want to keep their hair completely short. This hairstyle will have very short hair around sides of the head as well as at the back and it will gradually become wild on top of your head. Here is a simple technique that can be used to create a medium fade without going to a hairstylist.
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To get this hairstyle, first comb your hair and use the electric clippers with highest setting to start the cutting process from your neckline up. The bottom layer will become your shortest fade and it will feature very less amount of hair. Continue to cut your hair in the same way from your neck line about third of the way up on the head. Then change the clippers to medium setting to continue the cutting process over middle section of the head. Cut the hair in the same motion till you go on top of your head. Make sure this section has more hair than first one. Now switch to lowest setting again on the electric clippers to cut the hair lines where both fade section meet. At last try to clean up the sideburns using the electric clippers with lowest setting and also trim the edges of your hair around the face.  Always start the trimming process with a longer blade guard and then move to shorter lengths for better results.
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