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Stacked Braid Hairstyle


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A stacked braid is a very unique way of styling the hair that can give an attractive look for anyone with long hair. This hairstyle is mostly worn by kids, but it can be worn by everyone who has a long hair. There is no need to get support from any hairstylist to create this hairstyle as it can be done by following these simple steps. If you are doing this hairstyle for the first time you can get help from a friend as you need to follow few particular steps to create it.
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To achieve this style, first brush your hair and separate it into three different parts. Then make a stitch of the simple braid and make a feather braid on the outside edge of your hair. Try to cross the outer strand over middle one and move to the right-most section to pull it on top to make it lay it to a side of the hair. Next cross the left out strand into the middle and continue this process till you reach the end of the hair. Secure the hair with elastic and then take top two feather strands in the left on the right. Try to create a Dutch braid with these strands and end it with 2-3 stitches with regular braid. Now remove the first elastic to secure both the braids together with the same elastic. At last add any hair accessories to your hairstyle to get into the look.
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