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Straightening Hair With Pressing Comb


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Hair can be straightened by following different ways and one of the most important method using pressing comb. This method can be used to straighten the hair as it can prevent damage which is occurred due to straightening process that involves chemicals. Most of the people use this method to straighten their hair at home as you don’t any help to do it. The hair can be kept straight for a longer period of time if you use a pressing comb.
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First wash the hair with the help of a moisturizing shampoo. Then condition it as usual and part your hair as small sections as you will be straightening only an inch at a time. Make sure that the hair is completely dry before proceeding further. Add a little amount of pressing oil all over the sections and massage it gently. Now take a pressing comb to straighten small section of your hair. Try to run pressing comb on your hair gently and make sure it has been fully completely straightened without touching the scalp. Try to part the hair into sections and spread the pressing oil to straighten all your sections of the hair. Finally take large sections of the hair to use the pressing comb to straighten the hair. Take your own time while straightening the hair with a pressing comb to achieve better results. There are possibilities of burning your hair if you do this process in a hurry.
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