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Adding Volume To Half Ponytail


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A half ponytail can give a very unique look when compared to a standard full ponytail. This hairstyle is usually created in medium size, but you can add a little more volume to it to achieve a beautiful look. It can be created with any type of hair, but make sure you have a lengthy hair. There are also many celebrities who style their hair in this way. Just follow this simple method to achieve this hairstyle at home.
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To get this style, wash the hair using a volumizing shampoo and avoid using a hair conditioner. Try to pat dry the hair with a towel and brush the hair using a wide-toothed comb to get rid of any tangles. Then add a small amount of volumizing gel through the hair with your fingers. Next blow dry the hair into sections after wrapping them around the wide-barrel brush. Brush the hair upward away from the scalp during the blow drying process and lift your brush upward to add the strands more volume. Part the hair in a horizontal position about 4-6 inches behind the forehead hairline. Collect your hair just above the horizontal part to reduce visible volume of the locks. Try to twist your hair near the scalp and push it toward your forehead hairline. Use a decorative hair clip below half ponytail twist and secure it with a hair elastic. If you find any loose hair secure it using hair pins.
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