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Hairstyle With Straight Locks


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Creating straight locks in the hair can give a very unique look. There is no need to follow any special technique to do this as you can just do this at home by using a simple process. There are many people who like to straighten the hair with locks to achieve a unique look, but they fail to do it in a proper way. Just follow this simple method to create this style on your own. Most of the celebrities follow this method to style their hair without going to a saloon as it can be done within minutes.
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Begin the styling by applying a small amount of serum over the ends of your hair. Try to rub the serum through the ends of your hair till it gets saturated to get an oily as well as greasy look. Then use a flat iron along with a hair comb to divide the hair into small sections. Use the iron over the serum in your hair and gently smooth ends of the hair with the iron until there is a slight smoke. Use the comb to brush the ends of your hair and make sure that each section becomes fully smooth. The smoke in the iron is very common and it is not burning your hair. It is process of sealing oil into hair cuticle and make sure to use the curling iron slowly on the hair to avoid any kind of damage.
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