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Taking Care Of A Dead Hair


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A hair can get damaged if it has been processed your hair or even with extreme temperature. A damaged is also considered as a dead hair which will have a straw like look and it will break very easily. The best thing is to avoid washing the hair everyday and if you want to then avoid using shampoo as they can strip moisture. Here are few simple steps that can be used to treat a dead hair.
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First trim your hair as much as possible to keep it chin length. Then deep condition the hair after washing it as usual and make sure that the conditioner has proteins from wheat and soy. Treat the hair using olive oil once in a week before washing and conditioning the hair. Go to a salon to get a deep treatment using the best styling products. Get a proper treatment to soften and detangling your hair. Avoid getting any chemical treatment on the hair as they can overprocess your hair leading to damage. Try to moisturize the hair after washing it with a hair serum that can increase the shine once the hair dries. Avoid using any heat styling tools such as irons and hair dryers. Try to wash the hair very less to keep the natural oils on the hair as they can provide moisture to the dried strands. Always brush the hair with wide-toothed comb which will keep the hair in a perfect condition.
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