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Treating A Raven Color


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A raven hair color will be fully black hair that is very difficult to change the color. You can easily increase the raven colors in the hair without going to a saloon. This can be done by keeping the hair healthy as well as shiny to use the right styling products. It is important to find out your skin tone before selecting the hair color. If you are doing this for the first time it is better to get help from a hair specialist for better results.
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First decide about the color that you will be using on the hair. Before using the color on your hair, test it by using on the strands of hair to check for any allergies. Those who have a raven hair color will have different skin tones and choosing the color is very important. Use all-over color in the hair for changing the natural highlights such as a blue-black color. While doing this at home get a hair color that is formulated for the raven hair. The raven hair can be enhanced with more shine and use hydrating conditioner to get shine in the hair. To increase the shine in the hair, use hair oil or a pomade to achieve a shiny look. Use the hair accessories which can match tones of the skin and hair color. Try golden highlights to enhance the raven hair and wear scarves to add color for enhancing the raven hair.
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