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Add Volume To Straight Hair


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Most of the women will have fine hair that will look lifeless without any bounce. You must be using lot of styling products to make the hair straight that will make it weigh down. But here are few simple steps that can be followed to add more volume to a straight hair.
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Start the styling process by washing the hair using volume boosting shampoo. Then condition the hair and brush it using a wide toothed comb. Mist the hair using a root lifting hairspray and brush it using your fingers. Blow dry the hair and flip the head upside down by pointing the blow dryer downwards. Next tease your hair using your hands and move the blow dryer across the head. Take top layer from the hair from at bottom and separate it into sections. Secure these sections using a hair clip and put the sections around the large hair roller about three inches to create loose curls. Mist the hair on the each roller and leave it for ten minutes. Brush the hair using your fingers after taking it out from the rollers. Comb the hair towards the back of your head using a fine-toothed comb away from the scalp. No you can see more volume in the straight hair that can be styled as per your desire. Avoid using this method everyday as it can cause damage to the hair and use brush with natural bristles to comb the hair.
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