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Hairstyle With Bang Bumpit


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Creating a hairstyle with bangs can give a unique look, but it can be made more interesting by using a bumpit for an elegant hairstyle. There are bumpits that are smaller and specially designed to be placed near your hairline just over the forehead for creating a volume. Before starting the hairstyle, try to purchase a bumpit that is similar to your hair color. Try to make that more hair has been parted over the front of your head that will be used to cover the bumpit.
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To get this hairstyle, first comb the hair with the help of a hairbrush once it become fully dry after washing and make a part two inches away from the hairline over your forehead. Make sure that your part sits on top and retain your part where the bangs start. Keep flat side of your bumpit behind the part that was made and gently push it down to make small teeth of your comb to catch with the body of the hair. Pull your hair in the front of your part that was created and over the bumpit comb. Brush any bumps in the hair and keep the hair over the bumpit comb. Then add a small bobby pin just behind your bumpit comb to keep your hair in its place. At last mist all over the hair with a little amount of spray and mainly over the bangs to get a smooth looking hairstyle.
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