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Highlighting Hair With Foil


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Hair highlights can easily add shine to a natural hair and it can be done by using different coloring techniques. One of the most used method is foiling that can help to highlight the natural hair. The foil can adhere the color on the individual hair strand to get a healthy look.
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Before starting the styling process, put a waste cloth around your shoulders and wear hand gloves. Then mix the color along with the color in a bowl and take a chunk of hair using a rat-tail comb and secure the section at the back of your head. Try sliding the foil up to your scalp under the section and take the hair that was secured to keep it taut over the foil. Use a paintbrush to color the foiled section till it gets saturated. Fold a piece of the foil into half to make the hair to absorb the color. Use the same method to all over the sections that was divided earlier and blow dry your hair using a hairdryer with a low heat setting. Now you can wash your hair using normal water till it runs out clean from the hair and use a color conditioner all over the hair. Then wash the hair conditioner from your hair and style it as usual. Some of them will feel difficult to color their hair with foils, so it is better to get help from a friend for better results.
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