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Taking Care Of Coily Hair


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Coily hair usually needs a special treatment as they dry very easily. This type of hair will have more volume and sometimes it may also shrink. Most of the people don’t know how to care for the coily hair as they think it can be a very difficult process. Here are few things that can be considered for a coily hair.
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First wash your hair with a shampoo about one or two times a week and use a moisturizing conditioner all over the hair. Then brush the hair to distribute the conditioner throughout the hair. Spread a leave-in conditioner over the damp hair and comb it through without rinsing it. Apply the hair product such as a hair gel or a mousse all over the hair. Use the brush to smoothen your hairline only and cover your hair with silk before going to the bed in the night. You can also get a deep conditioning treatment about 1-2 times a month which will keep the curly hair moisturized. Try to style your hair when it is still wet and avoid brushing it as it can cause frizz. While using the hair products try to separate your hair into different sections. You can also braid the hair to prevent tangles and avoid using any petrolatum-based products as it can make the hair weigh down. Don’t use any type of heating tools such as a flat iron as it can make the hair brittle.
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