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Double Processed Hair Color


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Double processed hair coloring is a method that is mostly used by hairstylists when the hair gets look of two shades. In the earlier days, it was a process that was used for lightening the hair which has more than two shades. But now it is used to create different types of special effects in the hair. This technique is always started with a base color on an unwashed hair without using a hair conditioner. The hair must be blow dried as usual to place the second color very easily.
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If you are lightening your hair with more than two shades, first bleach your hair and use a toner as the second process which can give a platinum blonde color. In this hairstyle, a base color will be used on the hair first and then a second color will be added using a cap. Before using the hair color make sure to brush the hair to create a natural look. The hair can be colored with multiple hair colors after finishing the base process and it can also be done by using your hands. A tow tone hair color can be achieved by using the first color on your on top of the head and rinse it properly before using a conditioner. Then use the second color to achieve the special effect hair color. You can also use freehand application method where the base hair color will be applied first and second color is used on hair tips.
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