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Methods To Prevent Scalp Buildup


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A scalp buildup can usually occur due to various hair products such as oil and even dirt. It happens due to accumulation of minerals in the skin leading to dull looking hair. The scalp buildup can also weigh down your hair easily.
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Take measuring cup with a part of apple cider vinegar along with water using a applicator bottle. Add a dollop amount of clarifying shampoo to wash the hair and your scalp. Use shampoo brush to comb the scalp in a circular motion to stimulate the scalp. Then rinse the hair using cold water to retain the naturally produced oil in the scalp. Use apple cider vinegar mixture to work it over the hair and massage the head using your fingers. Wash the hair again using cold water to get rid of apple cider vinegar mixture. Next use a moisturizing conditioner all over the hair which will help to restore moisture in your hair. Use a shower cap on your head and sit for about half an hour for deep penetration for deep conditioning. Rinse the hair using cold water and dry it using a towel or use a blow dryer if you want to dry it soon. Now you can style the hair as per your desire. Make sure that the shampoo used on the hair has been fully removed from the scalp as it can cause dry scalp. Also dilute the apple cider vinegar with water before using it on the hair.
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