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Four Strand Braid


four strand braid four strand braid2
A four strand braid that is the best way to style the hair if it is long. This style usually looks very difficult to achieve, but it is usually created within few minutes with good practice. There is no need to consult a hairstylist or take help from a friend to get this hairstyle. Just use this simple method to achieve this style on your own.
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To create a four strand plait, take the entire hair at the back of your head to make a ponytail. Then separate it into four different strands including two strands on top of your head and two at the bottom. During the braiding process, keep your right hand side strands on the right hand and left strands in the left hand. Try to send the strands between your middle fingers and use the index finger as well as thumb to add strands back to braid your hair. Then pull top right strand over top left strand and bottom right strand at bottom left strand to make the base for your braid. Now take top left strand along with the bottom right strand and send top strand behind the bottom strand. Create the crossing underneath and between the original top right as well as bottom left strand to make your original top left strand new bottom right strand. Continue your braiding process till you reach the end of the hair and hold it in place using a hair band.
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