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Hairstyle With Piecey Bangs


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Bangs are cut in different styles to achieve a simple as well as grand look. You can also create a hairstyle with piecey bangs to complement your face. This type of hairstyle is usually created by a hairstylist, but if you like to cut your hair on your own it is easy to achieve this style at home. Creating bangs in your hair can give a look that can only be achieved with medium to long hair. Here is a simple method that can be used to get this style.
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To get this hairstyle, first divide the hair that will be used to create bangs using a hair brush and secure the rest of your hair behind your head. Then part your hair to a side of the head just over middle of the eyebrow and brush the hair forward. Keep the blade of sharp hair shears over the edge of your hair where the bangs will be cut short. Next keep shears at an angle of about 40 degree by closing the blades together moving down the length to cut the final section. Keep the shears about vertically on the hair and snip ends of your bangs to get rid of any stray hairs. Apply a small amount of wax in your hair at various layers to mold the tips outward. Finally cut a small section of the hair over opposite side of your part matching the length of side bangs.
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